There’s really no other way to label it.

I have always tried to provide a “better than usual” experience for my friends…other restaurants have customers, we have friends…and building an addition onto my bar will hopefully facilitate a deeper and more authentic dining experience.

I want folks to Linger. In this town that I love, so often folks who dine out don’t take advantage of the time that they have. They want to be seated right away, scoff two or three courses and then Slam! the car door shuts and they’re headed home.

When my family and I visited Italy last summer, one of the most distinctive differences when we dined out was what I am calling the linger factor. ¬†Going “out to eat” was more than just that. There was an aperitivo before dinner accompanied by salty snacks such as peanuts and olives…then a wonderful 3 course dinner…and then back to the bar for a digestivo such as Averna or Amari accompanied by great conversation and the potential for meeting new friends. By the time we left, our stomachs and our minds were satisfied and relaxed. Sleep came swiftly and naturally. Each time was an experience in italian culture.

Slowly I hope to educate folks on how to linger. To relax. To remember that enjoying a night out to dinner should be relished. Time can be spent sipping a classic Italian cocktail before they go to their table or after their dessert, or, dare I suggest both?